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Super Mario Racing 2 - Have you missed some good old mario racing? now you can choose to play with your favorite character from bowser, wario, donkey kong, yoshi, princess peach and of course, mario. you can also unlock two new characters by completing the game: luigi and toad. use your arrow keys to drive your car, your space bar to jump and your x key to use your weapon. you can collect a weapon by getting the stars and you can see it in the bottom part of the screen. each weapon reacts differently and while some of them may hurt your opponents, others can help you with a speed boost. your goal is to complete the number of laps given and cross the finish line in first place. in the left part of the screen you can see the laps completed and your position in the race. good luck! Arrow keys to drive and balance, Space to jump, X to use tools.

Super Mario Racing 2

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