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Storm Field - Jurassic era dinosaurs still exist in addition to the Earth of alien life forms, but because it is time for the Earths environment is not suitable for aliens residing perfect, so alien extinction of the dinosaurs left the planet. Today, in 2014, the Earth's environment becomes increasingly harsh, more suitable for the aliens to survive, so they came to Earth to prepare it occupied, but this time we've got earth defense force, one of the most famous and most mighty force called "Fire storm." As the alien technology is very powerful, the Earth military retreat after finally took the last resort launch nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons obtained a temporary victory also destroyed half the planet's life and the establishment of the wall to protect the Earth's final residents. After Earth Army sent troops to continue to investigate and destroy the alien wall remnants. This time, the Earth's highest military forces [Fire Storm] ushered in four new members, and you, as a member of this one, you need to complete the task and mission to prove that you are truly qualified to be a FireWire storm members! AD keyboard keys to control movement, W upward aim, S squat, J Shooting / skip dialogue, K to jump, R bullet, Q to switch weapons, U repair pet, I mining, spacebar to summon support, the numbers 1 to 6 props skills shortcuts.

Storm Field

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