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Greedy Sheriffs Hacked - Greedy sheriff invincible version, press 1 to switch step, press 2 to win the next level. I heard a long time ago, a group of pirates forced into a cave to escape from the police, they will be countless treasures in the cave, Sheriff Charlie heard the news, quickly rushed to the cave trying to find this treasure, and misappropriated, but did not expect in a cave, but the coincidence of several other sheriff, sheriff group of greedy treasure finally able to get it? Let's take a look! Click and drag the mouse to the sheriff game treasure hunt route planning, space bar stops moving, R key to re-play. Note: in order to get the appropriate roles with their corresponding color treasure oh. Invincible version: Press a button to switch step, press 2 to win the next level.

Greedy Sheriffs

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